An electric car can mean big savings for a taxi driver. Imagine never having to fill up with petrol or diesel again. The cost of charging an electric car is a fraction of the cost of fuel, which is rising all the time. As a taxi driver, the most important considerations are reliability and economy. Read on to find out which electric car is best.

Things To Consider

When choosing a car for a taxi business, reliability is key. The Nissan Leaf scores highly in reliability and has the advantage of long-term market exposure to reveal any problems. Of course, running costs are also very important for taxi drivers. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 scores highly for the cost of charging at only £5.81 per full charge, compared to £6.90 for the Volkswagen ID.3 Pure.

Best Options For Range

Perhaps the main concern for taxi drivers is how far the car will go before it needs charging. The car with the longest range is the Mercedes EQS 450+, at 453 miles. But at a price of around £100,000, it’s a big investment. A more reasonably-priced Volkswagen ID.3 Tour will do 340 miles on a single charge. A fast charge for 30 mins will give 200 miles of driving.

Conclusion – Which Electric Car Makes The Best Taxi?

The Nissan Leaf is well-tested in the real world, and its reliability tells, but for economy, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 really stands out. The Volkswagen ID.3 Tour has the longest range, so is the best choice for long-distance jobs. Whichever you choose, make sure you look carefully at which version you’re buying. All manufacturers offer different batteries with longer and shorter ranges, charging times and other factors.


According to E-scooter operator Neuron, riders have clocked a total of half a million miles since the company launched in the UK in October 2020. 40 percent of these trips replaced 150,000 trips that would have been made in a car. The survey also showed that 85 percent of riders felt that choosing a scooter was a way of making a positive impact on the environment and community at large.

Benefits of both

The benefits of electric scooters are clear. They provide cheap transport and are better for the environment in terms of carbon emissions. However, there are benefits of taxis too. Sometimes, using an electric scooter rather than a taxi is not possible. This would be the case where one is travelling over a long distance or one has luggage or a large parcel with them. Taxis would also be the choice of transport for someone who is ill or elderly.

Scooting Into The Future

Generally speaking, more and more people are embracing the use of electronic scooters. People are using them alongside their cars and taxis or trains to maximise on cheap transport. Another trend from manufacturers of scooters is that they are improving the design to make them more convenient. The Neuron brand of e-scooters for instance, have a wider footboard and larger wheels. These features make them more comfortable, stable and safer.

Reducing Carbon Emissions From Vehicles

It is not only electric scooters that are becoming more popular but also electric cars. Top auto brands like Hyundai, Ford, Tesla, Kia, Volkswagen and Porsche among others have electric cars in the market. The UK Government announced that diesel and petrol cars would no longer be in the market by 2030 which is pushing people towards electric options. The goal is zero emissions by 2050. The use of electric scooters, vans, taxis and private cars are the future.


Are you looking for cheaper taxis? There are many cheap taxi apps with various services to choose from. Also, Uber is not the only alternative. Some real savings can be made by using some different apps. However, cheap taxis are only the beginning. Are you looking for an app to book a taxi in advance? Maybe you want to cancel easily. These are just a few benefits of the alternatives.

Alternatives to Uber

uberUber shook up the taxi industry when it first commenced operations. The prices and ease of booking an Uber were something that the industry was not ready for. However, the market has adapted, and many cab apps now rival Uber. Some are cheaper or offer unique services. Others use a combination of apps on the market to create something unique for consumers. For example, London based app ‘Kabee’ compares the prices of many Uber alternatives.

Conclusion for Cheaper Taxi Alternatives

Before finishing it is important to mention some other cab apps that rival Uber. London based app Bounce lets you cancel five minutes after ordering. This is great for those wanting more flexibility. Addison Lee is another great app that is perfect for scheduling. Did you know that you can order a taxi three months in advance? Addison Lee lets you. They are also based in London.

The Future of Taxi Apps?

Cheaper taxi apps are going to become more popular in the future. They will continue to offer many different prices and services. However, some are restricted to certain large cities or areas. Let’s hope that this changes in the future. The number of services may also change in the future. The future of taxi apps looks bright as prices and services expand.

Taxicabs are among the most used means of transport today. As a passenger, it is important to be conversant about your safety when travelling in one. This includes the safety of your body, personal effects, and legal rights. Understanding taxi safety reduces the chances of getting injured in an accident or being robbed or even killed.

Things To Remember When Riding A Taxi

One of the most effective ways of staying safe in a taxi is by using a safety belt. It helps to reduce an accident’s impact. If your ride is going too fast, make sure you ask the driver to slow down. If they don’t comply, ask them to stop the cab and get out. And before trusting taxi drivers to get you to your destination, get their names and the taxi’s number.

Travel Safe Using Taxis

taxi safety tipsNever use a taxi alone if you are intoxicated. Instead, opt for alternatives to a taxi like buses or have a sober person accompany you. If you are sure you will ride a taxi while drunk, leave your expensive items, including phones or jewellery at home. That way, you can avoid the danger of being robbed by the driver or anyone else associated with the taxi.

More About Taxi Safety

Before you hail or call a taxi, you need to know your destination and the approximate time you will take to get there. You can obtain this information online, from apps such as Google Maps. Lastly, ensure that you close taxi windows or keep them nearly closed so that no one can snatch your items from outside.

Taxi drivers move riders safely from one location to the other as quickly as possible for a fee. Taxi driving is a fun way to make a living if you enjoy striking up conversations with different people. It has flexible hours but joining a select number of taxi drivers in London requires dedication to the rules and costs. Both of these considerations differ outside of London. Consider the information below.

How Much it Costs

how to become a taxi driverThe cost of taxi setup varies for taxi licenses. It costs at least £1,132.09 to become a taxi driver in London. It covers licence fees, a DBS disclosure, a written examination, an appearance, medical assessment and DSA Hackney Carriage test. Charges for a PHV in London are at least £627.50 plus the fee for the medical. There is also an English test and topographical assessment. Contact local councils for more information about licence costs outside of London.

Taxi and PHV Licenses

Firstly, you must have had your UK or European license for12 months or three years in London. Next, meet the age and medical requirements. You can then apply to the council for a licence to drive a taxi or PHV (including Uber) outside of London. In London, apply online or request an application pack for both taxi licenses through Transport for London (TfL). Visit the website for more information.

Consider Your Licence, Area and Costs

The cost of your licence depends on the licence you would to get like before driving. Do you need a taxi or PHV licence which also covers Uber drivers? Further things to consider include, the area where you will be driving. A licence in London will cost significantly and require may have more requirements than some smaller council areas of the UK. You need to meet certain requirements set out by TfL London or a local council.

You’re scoping the market for a car that will work well for taxi service; where do you start? When looking for a taxi service car, local authority stipulations are crucial guidance. Beyond these, the standard demands for the purchase price, low running costs, and reliability prioritize. Finding a car fitting these specs can be daunting hence our recommendations for selected models.

The Options For You

Toyota PriusTo search for which car is the best for a taxi start with a Skoda Octavia. It is an excellent choice for its reliability and low maintenance, making it among the most reliable cars. The Toyota Prius hybrid powertrain makes it ideal if you’re watching the MPG’s. It has a great interior with many active safety features. Recently, the KIA Proceed Estate has also been making the waves for its great finishes among cheap taxi cars.

When Basic Is Not On Your Mind

For a bigger budget, which car is best for a taxi? A Mercedes E-class is a good start and will haul your clients in comfort. It is spacious and is packed with features to make the ride smooth. A Volkswagen Passat also has a reputation for reliability, a spacious interior, and available spares. Despite being priced higher, these cars look classy, and you won’t be surprised to have repeat customers.

Choosing The Right Car Is A Personal Decision

A car’s choice for taxi has several determinants such as fuel efficiency, interior space, and reliability. Nonetheless, knowing these specifications, it rests upon you to find a car that ticks all the boxes you want before signing the dotted line. This car selection is consciously chosen for vehicles that will do everything and demand little from you.

You probably know Lyft because of its popular ride-sharing services. What you may not know is that the company offers other solutions, including bike-sharing, electric scooters, self-driving vehicles and food delivery. Pricing for its services runs the gamut from affordable to premium; the bottom-tier, no-frills Lyft charges the least, while the top-tier, uber-luxurious Lyft Black XL is the most expensive. The company currently operates in the U.S. and Canada.

Lyft v Uber

lyftLyft is not the only game in town when it comes to serving up cheap rides. The company’s best-known competitor is Uber. Unlike Lyft, Uber operates in hundreds of cities around the world. Despite its wide availability, a rash of complaints about everything from its workplace culture to the quality of its customer service has somewhat tarnished Uber’s brand. In comparison, Lyft has a clean-cut image, which explains why it remains one of the most popular alternatives to Uber.

Why Choose Lyft

If you’re looking for alternatives to Uber that offer cheap rides, Lyft should be at the top of your list, if not the only item on it. There have been very few complaints about the company’s services, a fact that attests to their high quality. And because the services are available at a range of price points, you’re assured of getting a ride at a cost that’s within your budget.

The Best Ride of Your Life

If you find taxis too expensive, or the quality of service that many ride-sharing firms offer unsatisfying – or if you’re concerned about your personal safety – it’s time you gave Lyft a spin. The company stands out for its great service, reasonable pricing and stringent driver vetting. That’s not all – Lyft offers a range of environmentally-friendly mobility solutions, including bikes and electric scooters. And if you need brunch, groceries and more delivered to your doorstep, you now know whom to call.

Taxi Business In India

With a population of 1.3 billion, India’s transport business is a hotcake. Taxis are in high demand in all of its provinces. Due to this, many taxi companies have sprung up to satisfy the demand. They include KTC India Private Limited, My Taxi India, Taxi Rent Muzaffarpur, Uber, Top Cabs, and Get Me Cabs. Besides this, you can still own a sole taxi in India.

Requirements Of Running A Taxi Business In India

india taxisStarting a taxi business in India is easy provided you have a car, a fleet of cars and some rupees to cater for taxi set up costs and taxi driver cost. You can also lease or hire cheap personal cars for a startup if you don’t own any yourself. Once you have a car, get a taxi operation permit and hire qualified and professional drivers to work for you on a small commission basis.

Is Taxi Business Profitable In India?

Taxi business in India is very profitable due to high demand and limited supply. Its profit margin lies between 45% and 55%. Note that this is minus the taxi driver cost and your initial taxi set up costs. However, to maximize your returns, you have to be hands on with how you run your business. To make this easier get taxi software and smart phone for taxi bookings management.

Pros and Cons of taxi Business In India

Just like any other business, a taxi business in India faces a lot of challenges, but also potential benefits. One, there is a mushrooming growth opportunity of taxi business in India with good returns. Sadly, you will deal with car breakdown once in a while, theft of money from your drivers if you are not keen which can lead to losses. All in all it is a good business that does not require a lot of resources.

When travelling in London, the convenience of cabs can’t be denied. London Black Cabs are known for their convenient, efficient, affordable travel. Hail them in the street or designated ranks. The cabs are metered. When the yellow taxi sign on the vehicle is lit up, the cab is available to transport you. All black cabs accept credit- and debit cards as payment.

Wheelchair accessible cabs

When you ride in a black cab you can tip the London drivers the amount you want. All black cabs are wheelchair accessible. Nobody knows he real reason, but these black cabs were once referred to as a hackney carriage, but nobody today calls them that. The black cabs come with certain features to help travellers using them such as ramps, grab handles, intercom as well as other aids.

The Black Taxi reinventedlondon black cabs

The classic taxi, the London black taxi has seen the end of an era and the iconic black taxi has seen a replacement, different to the classic car that preceded it. The current model is a diesel but the next are hybrids and will have a more modern look with sliding doors and glass roof and be more eco-friendly.

Black Taxis being Eased Out

The black taxi has been such an integral part of London for decades and not having them around anymore will simply mean London waving something uniquely characteristic away. And yet they are on their way out slowly because the city doesn’t want taxis to be responsible for harmful NOx emissions and there is an age limit on the time the black taxis of London can operate.

bolt taxi logo greenBolt is a Estonian ride sharing company that was established in 2013. This application allows users to connect with drivers and request rides to their destinations with ease. With Bolt, users can also request for electric scooters and meal services depending on the city one lives in. The application currently supports over 25 million users and employs about 500,000 drivers globally.

How It Works

Bolt is formerly known as Taxify and provides an option for riders looking for a cheap taxi service. Bolt is indeed an Uber rival that has risen pretty fast bringing on board more competition and thereby cheaper rides. With Bolt, you simply need to download their application from the Android Playstore and register an account. You then can request for a driver to pick you up at your location.

The Cost of Bolt

Bolt is relatively a cheap taxi option when compared to bigger apps such as Uber. Bolt charges your trips depending on distance of your trip. Some other factors that influence the cost of your trip include time spent as well as time of the day. During peak hours, there is usually a surge in terms of demand and the taxi service price goes up slightly.

Why Choose Bolt

Bolt understands the need for bonuses for riders from time to time. In this regard, if you are an active rider with bolt, you will enjoy free trips once in a while. Another reason to consider Bolt is that their drivers are well mannered and trained. Its is indeed very rare to hear incidences involving this Taxi Company.