It can be so frustrating not being able to rely on trustworthy transport. The country of Germany avoids this frustration by having an excellent transport system. Apart from public transport, you can hire a taxi. You can call the taxi company or use one of the many taxi stands around the cities. If you see a taxi with its roof light on, you can wave it down.

Taxis – Easily Recognisable in Germany

German taxis are easily recognisable as they are all Audi or Mercedes in a light yellow shade. For larger parties, you can call a mini-van. If you’d prefer a woman driver, you can let the taxi company know. Taxis have a black and yellow taxi sign on the roof and Germany’s taxi industry is heavily regulated. Taxis have to have a visible meter and the fares you pay are regulated by local laws.

Taxis in Germany – You’ve always got a Ride

Not all fees are the same and some cities have lower fees, and fees also vary according to the time of day or night it is. With over 50,000 taxis in Germany, you’re never going to be short of a ride. The best way to hire a taxi is to make use of the taxi stands found at hotels, shopping centres and airports.

No waiting with German Taxis

There are nearly always taxis waiting at these stands. If not, you can make use of a taxi phone, also known as Taxirufsäule, which will connect you to the central taxi dispatch office. These phones for taxis also have an emergency call feature. Each city in Germany has a taxi hotline. While in Germany, enquire about this and put the number into your mobile device. Remember too, that in hotels, the reception desk will order a taxi for you.

One thing that determines just how much fun you have while touring a new place is the available modes of transport. The Victoria harbour in Canada is adding a twist to transportation by having easily accessible water taxis. These are both fun and convenient for anyone in the area, whether you’re an area resident, or a tourist enjoying the sites.

h2o taxi of victoria canada

Tour with Happy Captains

It’s not every day that you find yourself taking a quick historical taxi ride on the water. However, in Victoria, this is done 7 days a week. These water taxis are also referred to as happy boats as your sure to leave in a good mood. The captains are chatty, experienced, and always have facts about the area to dispense to you, should you want to know more.

How to get a Water Taxi

Getting a water taxi is easy. There are 14 dock stations spread out across the harbour. Stop at one and call a taxi using the number provided at that particular dock. For those travelling with dogs and pets, there are a few rules to follow. Dogs are allowed at the captain’s discretion and must be well behaved, clean and leashed. Pets in small, hand-held enclosures are also accepted aboard.

Get a Water Taxi Ride

There are different ways to commute, but why not make the journey exciting by choosing a water taxi? The docks are conveniently located next to points of interest along the Victoria harbour. These include a marina, an airport, condos, resorts, and shopping districts, among others. You could also see floatplanes and floating homes, or indulge in fishing, whale watching, or even kayaking. These can all be topped off by a meal at a seafood restaurant or a world-renowned food truck!

If you have been stranded in New York while hoping a cab will show up, then you perfectly understand why the yellow cabs come in handy. These Taxis are a little bit traditional and you won’t need any apps on your phone to call for one. Indeed, you only need to stand by the street side and a yellow cab will pull by.

How To Get a Yellow Cab

yellow cabs in new york taxi londonOnce you are done with your errands, you will need to stand at a designated area around New York where the Taxis can pick passengers. A taxi will certainly come by and you can then give the driver directions to your place. The cabs are also very instrumental if you need an airport transfer, hotel transfer or just to be driven home. The yellow taxi comes in handy anytime you are running errands around the city.

Some Do’s in Yellow Cabs

You always shouldn’t assume that the cab is fitted with GPS. It is therefore a good idea to remind your driver directions to your place around New York if he isn’t sure. You also should be bold to raise a complain if you find the driver is speeding or using his phone while behind the wheel.

Keep Safe In The Taxi

Some ways to ensure you are safe during this ride is always to keep the maximum number of passengers to the number required by law. Also, do now allow your driver to take multiple passengers that are not in the same trip with you. While it is perfectly wise financially to share a ride, it is not safe and generally not acceptable.

A trip into history is waiting for you in Vienna. The horse-drawn carriages from the 17th century still function as cabs on the cities busy streets. Known as the Fiaker, which is German and describes the two-horse cab itself and the driver. The cabby calls to you ‘Trag ma Euer Gnaden?’ (May I carry you?) and dresses for the occasion in a derby hat, velvet waistcoat and pepita check trousers.

viennese fiaker polutan taxi

A Primary Means Of Transportation

The first Fiaker license was granted in 1693. To become one of the coachmen every applicant had to satisfy certain conditions before the license was issued. This included being of good character, worked in the transport trade for some years and could demonstrate driving skills. They also had to be property owners. There were fines or time in prison for overcharging or refusing a fare. Widows of the coachmen could also continue the business with full title.

Rules Of Driving A Fiaker

The idea for the cabs came from France, where cabs would line the Rue De Saint Fiacre in Paris. It was not long before it spread all over the continent. Initially the rules restricted travel outside the city, no cabbie could drive more than four miles outside Vienna. Other rules included no passengers allowed to carry a lit lamp or torch, and every passenger had to show proof of identity.

Today’s Viennese Fiakers

Today these horse carriages are often used ceremonially, like for weddings. Visitors to Vienna would be missing out on a special treat if they did not take a ride in the Fiaker. Found in three places in Vienna; near the Imperial Palace, alongside St Stephen’s Cathedral and the State Opera House. The cabbies are renown historical features in this city; next time you are there take a trip to the Fiaker Horse Center in the 11th district of Simmering, Vienna.

It is a three-wheeled open vehicle used as a taxi in Bangkok, Thailand. Initially, the Thai used to call them samlor, which is basically a motorised rickshaw, but according to one major theory, the word tuk-tuk was derived from the engine noise. These vehicles are considered a national emblem in Thailand, and even tourists always look forward to riding in one.

The Tuk Tuk Taxi

Thailands Colourful Taxi

In Thailand, tuk-tuks are more popular than metered taxis, because of the convenience and fun that they offer, especially when travelling short distances. Each one can accommodate a driver who sits at the front and two or three people at the back at any single time. As much as they are popular within the capital, they have their benefits and downsides, as we shall see.

Who Uses Tuk Tuks

The good thing is that anybody, whether a tourist or local, can use a tuk-tuk because in a chaotic city like Bangkok, getting from one point to another can prove to be hectic. You can expect to manoeuvre around clogged traffic jams with ease, even in places where a taxi or private car can’t. For this reason, they tend to be either equal to, or more expensive than ordinary taxis.

Summary On Tuk-Tuks

Aside from the cost factor, they are light and most do not have advanced safety features like those you would find in an SUV. They are, however, involved in very few accidents because they have a lower top speed, which makes it easier for drivers to control. Other than that, most of them are decorated, which makes it a delight to ride in one and take memorable pictures.

The Isles of Scilly are a group of islands in southwest Cornwall, England. They are an archipelago that is not only well-known for its unspoiled landscape, or the few inhabitants it has, but also for its remarkable beauty. The islands are spectacular and you are bound to feel like you are in a different world, and very far from England when in Scilly.

OBS that it not to get mixed up with the Italian Scicily. Curiousa is that an online gambler once won a progressive slot machine jackpot worth more that £1,000,000 from Scicily at a UK Casino but could not withdrawal the money cause he was in a different jurisdiction.

How To Get Here

When in Cornwall, getting to the Isles of Scilly, or Enesek Syllan as they are popularly known as in Cornish, is an unforgettable experience because the journey is a unique adventure. You can journey as part of a cruise or on the Scillonian III passenger ferry and maybe catch site of some magnificent dolphins. If the sea isn’t for you, you can enjoy some breathtaking views as you fly into Scilly and take in the splendid sight of the islands.

The Attractions In Scilly

Tourism is a huge part of life in Scilly, therefore it is not very surprising that there are many great places to visit when there. Whether you love art, or nature, or even sporting, there is a little something for everyone here. There is a wide range activities and attractions, and the small population makes navigation very easy.

Head Out To Scilly

Great food and places to stay, amazing people, and awesome attractions – a visit to Scilly is one you are not likely to forget very fast. Whether you go there just to take a break, for a wedding or a honeymoon, or any other reason, the whole experience is one that will be etched in your heart and mind for a long time, if not forever.

Truro is well-known for its status as the most southern city in mainland Great Britain, but perhaps it should also be well-known for it’s growing sports scene. Truro plays host to some of Cornwall’s greatest sports clubs and venues. From one of Cornwall’s oldest cricket clubs to it’s arguably most successful football team, there’s plenty to talk about. Let’s take a closer look at sports in Truro.

A Great Rugby Team

Despite the rugby union club Cornish Pirates’ relocation to nearby Penzance, Truro is still managing to keep the culture alive with it’s amateur rugby betting union side Truro RFC, which can claim to be one of Cornwall’s oldest rugby union clubs and which has been battling in the amateur leagues since 1885. Most of their success has come in more recent decades, starting in the 90’s with a string of wins and promotions.

Other Recent Successes

Rugby isn’t the only sport that Truro has to offer. Truro City F.C. are playing regularly in the National League South having climbed higher up the football pyramid than any other Cornish club. Another source of pride for many Truronians is it’s fencing club, from which three fencers were chosen to compete with Team GB at the recent 2012 Olympics.

The Future Of Sport In Truro

These are just a few of the sports clubs and venues to be found in the city and discussions regarding the possible future construction of a new county stadium in Threemilestone are underway. If these plans are set in motion, this could revitalize the sporting industry in Cornwall’s most affluent city. Truro has some great past successes to be proud of. Let’s hope there are plenty of achievements on the horizon.

cornish map

Cornish is a Celtic language, related to Welsh and Breton, that was historically spoken in the Cornwall region. For a time, starting in the 18th century, the language was extinct, but due to revitalization efforts, it has been revived and has a new, small base of native speakers. The language, with its rich vowel system and set of rare consonants, has a unique yet charming sound.

The Cornwall Region

cornish mapThe region of Cornwall has a population of almost 600,000, and it is there that most speakers of Cornish reside. All speakers of Cornish are bilingual. Besides Cornish, speakers in Cornwall also speak English with the typical accent of the region, a dialect of English sometimes called Anglo-Cornish. The dialect and language of the region are just a couple of the many things that make Cornwall special. Cornwall has its own cultural identity and rich history that makes it unique.

Culture of Cornwall

Cornwall was a former Celtic kingdom, and its history as an independent state is reflected in its modern culture. Its dialect, for example, contains many archaisms and influences from the region’s native language, Cornish. The region of Cornwall today enjoys lively traditions of folk music, literature, and cuisine. Visitors of the region can hope to taste Cornish fairings, view the Tate St Ives, or even watch some Cornish wrestling.

Cornish in Full View

The language of Cornwall is making a comeback, and it may soon become a new addition to the many cultural staples of the region. The revitalization of Cornish can be seen as a means of connecting Cornwall to its Celtic past, something that can make it more akin to its sister regions of Wales and Brittany. Such a change would be a marked milestone for the revitalization of all minority languages.

London Stansted Airport is an international airport located at Stansted Mountfitchet in Essex, 30 minutes drive from Central London (48 km/40miles). Stansted Airport is owned and operated by the Manchester Airports Group (MAG). In the year 2015 Stansted was the fourth busiest airport in the UK. Stansted is the newest passenger airport of all the main London airports.

How to get there?

Stansted Airport pictureIt’s very easy to travel from London to Stansted Airport. There are several different ways to reach the airport including taxi, train, bus, your own or rental car. You can choose the transportation method that suits you the best. There are buses and coaches from London operated by National Express with 38 pick-up points, and the service runs on 24 hours, 7 days a week basis. More information about the other different methods of transportation is available in this review.

What Transportation Will You Be Using?

The quickest and the most direct route to the airport is definitely Stansted Express trains. The train service run every 15 minutes, so even if you miss the train, you don’t have to wait too long for the next one. Renting a vehicle is also an option and there are many rental car companies to choose from. Taxi booking services operate 24/7 on the international arrivals concourse.

Stansted Airport Facilities You Can Use.

Stansted Airport offers excellent services and easy access to the premises. Also, worth noting is that Ryanair a low-cost airline and has made Stansted its largest base. From here it serves over 100 destinations. Restaurants and shops are available for a quick bite or to pick that gift that you forgot to buy. The airport has wifi that is free for the first 4 hours, after which you will be charged a small fee.

Heathrow is one of the leading international airports in London if passenger traffic is anything to go by. The airport handled 75.7 million passengers in 2016 a significant increase in 1% compared to 2015. Located 14 miles west of south London, it tops the charts as the busiest airport in London and the second busiest in the world.

Heathrow Taxi Services

Taxi service is among the most widely adopted means of transport at Heathrow airport. Accessibility has been made convenient through the introduction of online bookings whereby the passenger enters the pickup location, obtains an online quotation and once the booking process is complete a confirmation email is sent to the passenger. Vehicles available for taxi services include saloon cars, people carriers, estate cars, mini-buses and executive cars.

heathrow by car

Efficiency In Service Delivery

A team of agents is readily available to ensure that all bookings and transfers are carried out smoothly. Additionally, the organization hired experienced taxi drivers with extensive knowledge of the locality and proven customer care skills to ensure quality service delivery. Moreover, service vehicles are air-conditioned and tailored to the luggage requirement and the number of passengers.

Why Choose Heathrow Airport Taxi Services?

Heathrow airport taxi provides exceptional transfer services suited for local and international clients, small and large businesses, and airlines and hotels. Additionally, the efficiency and mobility of taxi services ensure reliability. In this regard, taxi services are considered one of the most reliable and convenient means of transport at Heathrow airport.