Heathrow is one of the leading international airports in London if passenger traffic is anything to go by. The airport handled 75.7 million passengers in 2016 a significant increase in 1% compared to 2015. Located 14 miles west of south London, it tops the charts as the busiest airport in London and the second busiest in the world.

Heathrow Taxi Services

Taxi service is among the most widely adopted means of transport at Heathrow airport. Accessibility has been made convenient through the introduction of online bookings whereby the passenger enters the pickup location, obtains an online quotation and once the booking process is complete a confirmation email is sent to the passenger. Vehicles available for taxi services include saloon cars, people carriers, estate cars, mini-buses and executive cars.

heathrow by car

Efficiency In Service Delivery

A team of agents is readily available to ensure that all bookings and transfers are carried out smoothly. Additionally, the organization hired experienced taxi drivers with extensive knowledge of the locality and proven customer care skills to ensure quality service delivery. Moreover, service vehicles are air-conditioned and tailored to the luggage requirement and the number of passengers.

Why Choose Heathrow Airport Taxi Services?

Heathrow airport taxi provides exceptional transfer services suited for local and international clients, small and large businesses, and airlines and hotels. Additionally, the efficiency and mobility of taxi services ensure reliability. In this regard, taxi services are considered one of the most reliable and convenient means of transport at Heathrow airport.


From the river Tamar in the east to the granite cliffs of Land’s End, Cornwall is richly steeped in folklore, myth and history. With breath-taking natural beauties and famous landmarks that still capture the hearts of people, this fabled English county continues to draw scores of tourists every year with its irresistible, almost magical allure. What can you expect to find when you finally start discovering its splendours and secrets?

Tourist Attractions Worth Seeing

Whatever you’re preference might be, the county of Cornwall is teeming with awe-inspiring sights you simply must see. If you’re a history and mythology buff, you’ll most likely want to check out the sight of legendary Tintagel Castle, well known from the Arthurian myths. The land carries marks of Cornwall’s rich heritage, with prehistoric tombs and ancient granite monuments, such as Men-an-Tol, still standing proudly and mysteriously to remind us of the lingering past.

Getting Around In Cornwall

The times when Cornwall was isolated province are long gone and its tourism is now flourishing. You can easily explore it with all the amenities of a modern traveller. There are many practical transportation choices at your disposal. However, if you’d like to make most of your tour, be sure to hire a knowledgeable taxi guide. That way you’ll be able to fully appreciate Cornwall’s stunning landscape and treasures.

Cornwall – A Modern County Rooted In Past

Cornwall may be a modern county with a bright future, but it still maintains strong connections with its exciting history and authentic culture. This opulent mixture of ancient and modern, progressive and traditional, makes Cornwall is an irresistible destination for all those interested in adventure, great local food, exciting history and timeless natural beauty.

Transport for London concluded that Uber will not be given a new licence and that the company was not up to the task to hold a London operator licence for its operations. Uber’s application for a renewal of the licence in London was rejected due to the fact that the company is not a qualified enough for being private car hire operator.

is it banned?

The company has been informed that it won’t have its operation licence renewed in London, so what does it mean for the global taxi app? The company will no longer be licensed.The company has come across disapproval from various lawmakers, unions and the old black cab drivers over the operating conditions. Rivals also claim it causes immobilization on the roads and does not ascertain to get the drivers regulated.

Uber’s London License

Uber company in London has been deprived of its licence in a shocking move which has gotten a beat down to one of the quickest rising firms and brought about an uproar from a union of government ministers, customers and drivers at the company. The company’s application for the new licence was rejected on the grounds of the welfare of the public.

Uber London loses licence to operate

A new licence from Transport for London will not be issued to Uber as stipulated and concluded that the highly used company was not fit and good to have a operator licence. The company has faced criticism from various ends over working conditions. The firm’s application for the new licence was rejected in accordance to public well-being and protection inference.