Best Electric Cars for Taxi Drivers

An electric car can mean big savings for a taxi driver. Imagine never having to fill up with petrol or diesel again. The cost of charging an electric car is a fraction of the cost of fuel, which is rising all the time. As a taxi driver, the most important considerations are reliability and economy. Read on to find out which electric car is best.

Things To Consider

When choosing a car for a taxi business, reliability is key. The Nissan Leaf scores highly in reliability and has the advantage of long-term market exposure to reveal any problems. Of course, running costs are also very important for taxi drivers. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 scores highly for the cost of charging at only £5.81 per full charge, compared to £6.90 for the Volkswagen ID.3 Pure.

Best Options For Range

Perhaps the main concern for taxi drivers is how far the car will go before it needs charging. The car with the longest range is the Mercedes EQS 450+, at 453 miles. But at a price of around £100,000, it’s a big investment. A more reasonably-priced Volkswagen ID.3 Tour will do 340 miles on a single charge. A fast charge for 30 mins will give 200 miles of driving.

Conclusion – Which Electric Car Makes The Best Taxi?

The Nissan Leaf is well-tested in the real world, and its reliability tells, but for economy, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 really stands out. The Volkswagen ID.3 Tour has the longest range, so is the best choice for long-distance jobs. Whichever you choose, make sure you look carefully at which version you’re buying. All manufacturers offer different batteries with longer and shorter ranges, charging times and other factors.