What is Bolt Taxi?

bolt taxi logo greenBolt is a Estonian ride sharing company that was established in 2013. This application allows users to connect with drivers and request rides to their destinations with ease. With Bolt, users can also request for electric scooters and meal services depending on the city one lives in. The application currently supports over 25 million users and employs about 500,000 drivers globally.

How It Works

Bolt is formerly known as Taxify and provides an option for riders looking for a cheap taxi service. Bolt is indeed an Uber rival that has risen pretty fast bringing on board more competition and thereby cheaper rides. With Bolt, you simply need to download their application from the Android Playstore and register an account. You then can request for a driver to pick you up at your location.

The Cost of Bolt

Bolt is relatively a cheap taxi option when compared to bigger apps such as Uber. Bolt charges your trips depending on distance of your trip. Some other factors that influence the cost of your trip include time spent as well as time of the day. During peak hours, there is usually a surge in terms of demand and the taxi service price goes up slightly.

Why Choose Bolt

Bolt understands the need for bonuses for riders from time to time. In this regard, if you are an active rider with bolt, you will enjoy free trips once in a while. Another reason to consider Bolt is that their drivers are well mannered and trained. Its is indeed very rare to hear incidences involving this Taxi Company.