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Cornish is a Celtic language, related to Welsh and Breton, that was historically spoken in the Cornwall region. For a time, starting in the 18th century, the language was extinct, but due to revitalization efforts, it has been revived and has a new, small base of native speakers. The language, with its rich vowel system and set of rare consonants, has a unique yet charming sound.

The Cornwall Region

cornish mapThe region of Cornwall has a population of almost 600,000, and it is there that most speakers of Cornish reside. All speakers of Cornish are bilingual. Besides Cornish, speakers in Cornwall also speak English with the typical accent of the region, a dialect of English sometimes called Anglo-Cornish. The dialect and language of the region are just a couple of the many things that make Cornwall special. Cornwall has its own cultural identity and rich history that makes it unique.

Culture of Cornwall

Cornwall was a former Celtic kingdom, and its history as an independent state is reflected in its modern culture. Its dialect, for example, contains many archaisms and influences from the region’s native language, Cornish. The region of Cornwall today enjoys lively traditions of folk music, literature, and cuisine. Visitors of the region can hope to taste Cornish fairings, view the Tate St Ives, or even watch some Cornish wrestling.

Cornish in Full View

The language of Cornwall is making a comeback, and it may soon become a new addition to the many cultural staples of the region. The revitalization of Cornish can be seen as a means of connecting Cornwall to its Celtic past, something that can make it more akin to its sister regions of Wales and Brittany. Such a change would be a marked milestone for the revitalization of all minority languages.