Cuban Vintage Taxi

One distinct characteristic about Havana is perhaps the vintage cars that roam its streets, mostly as taxis. In fact, someone that has been to Havana may say that Havana would not be Havana without the American vintage cars incessantly roaming this Caribbean city. Getting into one of these máquinas, as they are popularly referred to, is certainly pure time travel to nice old times.

havana vintage taxi cars colours

Shared Rides in the Vintage Taxis

Here is a bit about how the vintage taxi cars operate. They usually travel along a set route and fares are approximately 10 pesos per head. Some routes may however be slightly more expensive as others. Having said that, you certainly should know that you will not be the only passenger in the car. These US made vintages mainly carry four to five passengers at a time.

Fancy Vintage Models

One other outstanding characteristic of these vintage cars is the fact that you can bump into any of the fanciest American models. Some include Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Dodges, Buicks, and Fords. These old pieces of automobile technology come in all types of colours – purple, lilac, red, blue and any other imaginable colour. Surprisingly, almost every single button in the car is functional including ACs.

Some Signs Made by Cuban Taxi Drivers

It’s certainly important that you understand signs that the drivers make. If the driver is for instance driving down on 23rd Avenue, he can take his hand out and point upwards. This means that he will keep driving straight ahead to Malecon. If he points left or right indication with his hand, he may take a right or left turn.