H2O Taxis of Victoria

One thing that determines just how much fun you have while touring a new place is the available modes of transport. The Victoria harbour in Canada is adding a twist to transportation by having easily accessible water taxis. These are both fun and convenient for anyone in the area, whether you’re an area resident, or a tourist enjoying the sites.

h2o taxi of victoria canada

Tour with Happy Captains

It’s not every day that you find yourself taking a quick historical taxi ride on the water. However, in Victoria, this is done 7 days a week. These water taxis are also referred to as happy boats as your sure to leave in a good mood. The captains are chatty, experienced, and always have facts about the area to dispense to you, should you want to know more.

How to get a Water Taxi

Getting a water taxi is easy. There are 14 dock stations spread out across the harbour. Stop at one and call a taxi using the number provided at that particular dock. For those travelling with dogs and pets, there are a few rules to follow. Dogs are allowed at the captain’s discretion and must be well behaved, clean and leashed. Pets in small, hand-held enclosures are also accepted aboard.

Get a Water Taxi Ride

There are different ways to commute, but why not make the journey exciting by choosing a water taxi? The docks are conveniently located next to points of interest along the Victoria harbour. These include a marina, an airport, condos, resorts, and shopping districts, among others. You could also see floatplanes and floating homes, or indulge in fishing, whale watching, or even kayaking. These can all be topped off by a meal at a seafood restaurant or a world-renowned food truck!