London Black Cabs

When travelling in London, the convenience of cabs can’t be denied. London Black Cabs are known for their convenient, efficient, affordable travel. Hail them in the street or designated ranks. The cabs are metered. When the yellow taxi sign on the vehicle is lit up, the cab is available to transport you. All black cabs accept credit- and debit cards as payment.

Wheelchair accessible cabs

When you ride in a black cab you can tip the London drivers the amount you want. All black cabs are wheelchair accessible. Nobody knows he real reason, but these black cabs were once referred to as a hackney carriage, but nobody today calls them that. The black cabs come with certain features to help travellers using them such as ramps, grab handles, intercom as well as other aids.

The Black Taxi reinventedlondon black cabs

The classic taxi, the London black taxi has seen the end of an era and the iconic black taxi has seen a replacement, different to the classic car that preceded it. The current model is a diesel but the next are hybrids and will have a more modern look with sliding doors and glass roof and be more eco-friendly.

Black Taxis being Eased Out

The black taxi has been such an integral part of London for decades and not having them around anymore will simply mean London waving something uniquely characteristic away. And yet they are on their way out slowly because the city doesn’t want taxis to be responsible for harmful NOx emissions and there is an age limit on the time the black taxis of London can operate.