The Convenience of Using a Taxi in Germany

It can be so frustrating not being able to rely on trustworthy transport. The country of Germany avoids this frustration by having an excellent transport system. Apart from public transport, you can hire a taxi. You can call the taxi company or use one of the many taxi stands around the cities. If you see a taxi with its roof light on, you can wave it down.

Taxis – Easily Recognisable in Germany

German taxis are easily recognisable as they are all Audi or Mercedes in a light yellow shade. For larger parties, you can call a mini-van. If you’d prefer a woman driver, you can let the taxi company know. Taxis have a black and yellow taxi sign on the roof and Germany’s taxi industry is heavily regulated. Taxis have to have a visible meter and the fares you pay are regulated by local laws.

Taxis in Germany – You’ve always got a Ride

Not all fees are the same and some cities have lower fees, and fees also vary according to the time of day or night it is. With over 50,000 taxis in Germany, you’re never going to be short of a ride. The best way to hire a taxi is to make use of the taxi stands found at hotels, shopping centres and airports.

No waiting with German Taxis

There are nearly always taxis waiting at these stands. If not, you can make use of a taxi phone, also known as Taxirufsäule, which will connect you to the central taxi dispatch office. These phones for taxis also have an emergency call feature. Each city in Germany has a taxi hotline. While in Germany, enquire about this and put the number into your mobile device. Remember too, that in hotels, the reception desk will order a taxi for you.