The Tuk Tuk

It is a three-wheeled open vehicle used as a taxi in Bangkok, Thailand. Initially, the Thai used to call them samlor, which is basically a motorised rickshaw, but according to one major theory, the word tuk-tuk was derived from the engine noise. These vehicles are considered a national emblem in Thailand, and even tourists always look forward to riding in one.

The Tuk Tuk Taxi

Thailands Colourful Taxi

In Thailand, tuk-tuks are more popular than metered taxis, because of the convenience and fun that they offer, especially when travelling short distances. Each one can accommodate a driver who sits at the front and two or three people at the back at any single time. As much as they are popular within the capital, they have their benefits and downsides, as we shall see.

Who Uses Tuk Tuks

The good thing is that anybody, whether a tourist or local, can use a tuk-tuk because in a chaotic city like Bangkok, getting from one point to another can prove to be hectic. You can expect to manoeuvre around clogged traffic jams with ease, even in places where a taxi or private car can’t. For this reason, they tend to be either equal to, or more expensive than ordinary taxis.

Summary On Tuk-Tuks

Aside from the cost factor, they are light and most do not have advanced safety features like those you would find in an SUV. They are, however, involved in very few accidents because they have a lower top speed, which makes it easier for drivers to control. Other than that, most of them are decorated, which makes it a delight to ride in one and take memorable pictures.