Why Is CCTV Not Mandatory In Taxis?

cctv in taxis mandatoryCCTV is not mandatory in taxis and this aspect seems to elicit different reactions from stakeholders in the sector. While drivers and some passengers may feel like this would be a gross violation of their privacy rights, authorities feel that such a move would better protect vulnerable passengers. While protecting passengers, the authorities also opine that it would protect drivers from rogue passengers that try to evade fares.

Proposed Law On CCTV In Taxis

The Department of Transport suggests that if this directive is implemented, the camera would go on anytime the taxi starts ferrying passengers. The driver has an option to shut it down when he is alone in the taxi or during his private business. While the application of the cameras is a good idea for security agencies, drivers might find themselves in hot soup for too much recording and probably even face lawsuits.

National Licensing Database

In their proposals, the Department for Transport seeks to establish a National Licensing Database in order to ensure consistency in all regions. Additionally, this move will aim to curb illicit practices by drivers such as operating outside licensed areas. The rules may be pretty stringent for most drivers, especially those that are involved in moving illicit things around town.

Final Thoughts On The Proposal

While it is a brilliant idea to ensure that taxis are safe for everyone, its important to ensure that customer privacy is upheld at all times. Further, it is also important to ensure that drivers are protected from any ensuing lawsuits that would effectively throw them out of the taxi business. The laws require a lot of deliberation between stakeholders to find the perfect balance between privacy and safety.